Dynamic Send ID

Dynamic Sender ID

This is the name or number which flashes on the recipient's mobile phone when they receive an SMS Text message. Most GSM Networks/Operators accept up to an 8-character Alpha-Numeric String as Sender Identification.

An Alphanumeric Source Addresses must abide by the following criteria:

  • Must be between 3 and 11 characters in length (inclusive)
  • Must not contain blank spaces
  • The first character cannot be "0" (zero)
  • Must not contain accented characters
  • Must not contain punctuated/special characters, such as * $ < , > ? ! % [ ] | \
  • Must not contain Greek characters
  • Must not just be a name of an individual
  • Source Addresses are case sensitive

Important TIPS on Sender Identification

All Regular Vodatext Account Users have the option to set up their Sender Identification (Name/Number) only once. So, please use caution before you choose your Sender Name/Number. Once configured, requests for change of Sender Identification shall not be entertained, unless it is deemed as really genuine case by Vodatext

Some Networks/Operators do not grant the facility of a Dynamic Sender Identification, meaning each Sender Identification has to be specially approved by them before a message, bearing that Sender Identification, can be transmitted through their Network. This has been implemented to counter spam to a certain extent.

All API/SMPP Account Users, who have the option to dynamically change the Sender Identification, are requested to please get the list of all possible Sender Names/Numbers approved before they start sending out messages. Else, there could be a possibility of messages not being delivered.


The Sender Identification is not a guaranteed feature and may be changed by Vodatext or its Service Providers' Networks with/without notice to suit the requirement of the various technologies/ networks/ regulatory bodies etc.

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