Web SMS Solutions

Vodatext is the leading Worldwide SMS service designed to improve the productivity and mobility of your business. 

Make your business more accessible to customers and staff. Take advantage of a range of feature-rich products and SMS services that simplify business communications via SMS to 200 countries.

  1. 1. Put simply, SMS marketing is more effective

The open rate of text promotions/offers is a whopping 98%! Compare that to the 22% open rate of emails. While an email might sit in a customer’s inbox all day, a text is read within minutes, making it a great channel for flash sales and same-day promotions.

  1. 2. Reach a highly engaged audience

Consumers opt in to mobile programs and make a careful decision on which text campaigns they choose. This differs from email campaigns, where consumers subscribe more generally for brands they may only be temporarily interested in. Because users limit themselves to brands they truly care about when opting into SMS promotions, brands are able to market more directly to a captive, and loyal, target audience.

  1. 3. Build your brand conversation

While email communication is a one-way street, people can actually reply to an SMS promotion and engage with the brand through two-way SMS dialog. By opening the doors of conversation between brand and consumer, and creating customer engagement, marketers ultimately create a stronger relationship and build brand trust.

  1. 4. 4. Sell more and drive awareness

Unlike email, which tends to drive online sales, text promotions drive engagement to bring consumers in-store. Once in-store, the consumer is more likely to buy other attractive products, and a consumer’s basket size is on average three times larger than if you drove their purchase online. SMS gets your consumer in the store and opens their eyes to additional offerings they might not otherwise have been interested in.

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